Artist: Moonbeam
Title: The Random 2CD
Genre: House
Release date: 2013
Audio codec: MP3
Format: tracks
Quality: 320 kbps
Time: 02:07:16


CD-1 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

01. Only You (featuring Jacob A)
02. Madness (featuring Avis Vox)
03. Alive (with Matvey Emerson)
04. Flight (featuring Leusin)
05. Moonbeam – Together (featuring Blackfeel Wite)
06. Moonbeam – You Win Me (featuring Aelyn)
07. Echoes Dying Away
08. ell Me (featuring Jacob A)
09. Dark to Light (feat Nathassia D & Pryce Oliver)
10. Little Monster (with Andrea Roma)
11. The Fatal Thread (with A*S*Y*S)
12. Sun Went Down (featuring ARCHNGL)

CD-2 Club Version:

01. Awakening
02. Alive (with Matvey Emerson) (Club Mix)
03. Flight (featuring Leusin) (Club Mix)
04. The Raven
05. Only You (featuring Jacob A) (Club Mix)
06. Little Monster (with Andrea Roma) (Club Mix)
07. Together (featuring Blackfeel Wite) (Club Mix)
08. Heavy Rain (with J-Soul)
09. The Fatal Thread (with A*S*Y*S) (Club Mix)
10. You Win Me (featuring Aelyn) (Club Mix)

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