Artist: The Flashbulb
Title: Opus At The End Of Everything
Genre: Electronic, IDM, Downtempo, Ambient
Release date: 2012
Audio codec: FLAC
Format: tracks
Quality: lossless
Time: 74:33

01.The Trees In Juarez (03:09)
02.Blurry Figures, Far Away (04:32)
03.Arrival To An Empty Room (05:31)
04.Beebs (02:12)
05.A World I Never Noticed (01:57)
06.It Pours (02:19)
07.Terra Firma (04:08)
08.Good Luck Out There (02:42)
09.Dim Distant Porch Lights (02:01)
10.Insomnia In Roscoe Village (02:49)
11.Precisely Wrong (04:37)
12.Between The Waves (03:33)
13.Selected Garden (02:52)
14.Distant Shots (01:28)
15.Island On An Endless Plane (02:56)
16.It Never Ends (02:54)
17.The History Of Rain (01:57)
18.In The Grass (03:04)
19.Something That Had Died (02:43)
20.Fast Forward To Here (02:45)
21.Longing In A Stairway (03:02)
22.For The Asking (03:25)
23.Hospital Ride (02:50)
24.What I Imagine You To Be Like (03:06)
25.Autumn Leaves And A Bath Tub (01:49)