Artist: Lazerbeak (of Doomtree)
Title: Official Discography (4 Albums)
Genre: Underground Hip-Hop
Release date: 2008-2012
Audio codec: MP3
Format: tracks
Quality: 320 kbps
Time: 02:25:28

2010 – Legend Recognize Legend [320 kbps] (L)
01. Dream Team (3:20)
02. Land’s End (4:09)
03. Let It Go (3:14)
04. Bound (3:58)
05. Wild Life (2:10)
06. Salt and Sea (4:01)
07. Pearly Gates (3:09)
08. Cannon Falls (3:06)
09. Tempest (3:50)
10. Foothills (3:02)

2012 – Lava Bangers [320 kbps] (L)
01. Mighty Jungle (2:19)
02. Walk It Out (1:35)
03. Smash Hit (2:08)
04. LRL (2:09)
05. Bully (1:58)
06. Ay Bay Bee (1:23)
07. Like That (2:28)
08. Xylophone (2:25)
09. Had Enough (1:47)
10. Sweat Set (1:39)
11. Finally Back (1:47)
12. Cement Blocks (2:37)
13. Knight Fighter (1:15)
14. Ghostdust (1:57)
15. Buffalo Plaid (1:34)
16. Eleventh Hour (1:12)
17. Thimble Man (1:33)
18. Skronked Up (1:44)
19. Cloud Crawl (2:16)
20. Lift Every Voice (3:01)

2008 – Hand Over Fist (with Mike Mictlan) [320 kbps] (L)
01. Hand Over Fist (1:51)
02. Suicide Jimmy Snuffa (3:06)
03. Clam Casino (2:02)
04. Shux (Feat. P.O.S.) (3:25)
05. Wolf Tickets (3:25)
06. LA Raiders Hat (3:21)
07. Fire On The Watermark (5:30)
08. Northstarrr (2:27)
09. Butcher’s Lament (3:32)
10. Head Full (2:41)
11. Head Fuller (3:15)
12. Young Hunger (3:49)
13. Prizefight (4:07)

2009 – Death of a Handsome Bride (with F. Stokes) [320 kbps] (L)
01. Too (1:18)
02. Jeremiah (2:53)
03. Blessings (4:45)
04. Hang On (3:33)
05. Sparse Parts (2:49)
06. Soul Clap (3:06)
07. Pretty Shit (3:09)
08. So Into You (4:25)
09. Tickle Me Mars (3:37)

Lazerbeak is one of the seven members of Doomtree, Minneapolis’ ascendant hip-hop collective. He’s most well known for his rib-crushing production. He’s contributed beats to Wale, P.O.S, Dessa, and almost every Doomtree project. But his career started many years before he was making rap music.

As a fourteen year-old, Aaron Mader—not yet Lazerbeak—formed a band with three of his best friends. They called themselves The Plastic Constellations. They were earnest and exuberant. And they were really effing good. Spin called them child prodigies. By the time they turned fifteen, they’d played the First Avenue stage (Minneapolis’ historic venue, in which Prince filmed Purple Rain.) TPC made music together for twelve years, signed to Frenchkiss Records, and inked distribution deals in North America and Australia. They toured with The Hold Steady, earning praise from major critics (Reader’s Digest, and from notoriously hard-to-please indie tastemakers (“I went home a believer.” –Pitchfork Media).

While still playing and recording with TPC, Mader got involved with the Doomtree crew through his high school friendship with Stefon Alexander, now known as P.O.S. (To keep things in perspective, Mader is still years away from legally buying booze at this point in our story.) Beak got a loan from his folks to buy his first MPC from Guitar Center. Stef came over in the afternoon to show him the ropes. No looking back. Enter Lazerbeak.

Now twenty-eight, Lazerbeak has produced over 400 beats. With Doomtree he’s toured North America, playing his MPC live on stage. The press often cites Doomtree’s innovative production as a defining characteristic of the collective—due in no small part to Lazerbeak’s layered breaks, driving guitar lines, and generally neck-snapping orchestrations.

In September of 2010, Doomtree will proudly present Lazerbeak’s full-length record Legend Recognize Legend. He wrote, sang, played, and programmed the entire project, with a few contributions from his teammates in TPC and Doomtree. It’s bold, infectiously melodic, and it draws from the full range of Lazerbeak’s musical experience. Legend Recognize Legend has the enthusiasm of the TPC era; the lyrics of a mature songwriter; and the fresh sound of a talented musician pushing himself to break new ground.