Artist: Crippled Black Phoenix
Title: (Mankind) The Crafty Ape
Genre: Post-Rock
Release date: 2012
Audio codec: FLAC
Format: image+.cue
Quality: lossless
Time: 52:09 + 34:04

Chapter I – A Thread
1. Nothing (We Are…)
2. The Heart Of Every Country
3. Get Down And Live With It
4. A Letter Concerning Dogheads
5. The Brain / Poznan
Chapter II – The Trap
6. Laying Traps
7. Born In A Hurricane
8. Release The Clowns
9. (What?)
Chapter III – The Blues Of Man
1. A Suggestion (Not A Very Nice One)
2. (Dig, Bury, Deny)
3. Operation Mincemeat
4. We Will Never Get Out This World Alive Faced With Complete Failure, Utter Defiance Is The Only Response

Download[filesonic]: Crippled Black Phoenix – (Mankind) The Crafty Ape – 2012, lossless [].rar