Artist: G-Side
Title: The One…Cohesive
Genre: Southern Hip-Hop
Release date: 2011
Audio codec: FLAC
Format: tracks
Quality: lossless
Time: 00:54:18

1. Shots Fired (feat. Codie Global)
2. Came Up (feat. S.L.A.S.H.)
3. Y U Mad (feat. P.H. & Kristmas)
4. I’m Sorry (feat. P.H.)
5. Inner Circle (feat. C.P.)
6. Jones (feat. P.O.P.E.)
7. Nat Geo (feat. Chris Lee)
8. I Am (feat. DJ Cunta)
9. Pictures (feat. GMane)
10. Never (feat. Mic Strange)
11. No Radio (feat. Bentley)
12. How Far (feat. Victoria Tate & Kaylan Parham)
13. Moneyintheskyii (feat. Chris Lee)
14. Imagine (feat. Jhi Ali)

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