Artist: Alien Vampires
Title: Harshlizer [2CD Japanese Edition]
Genre: Industrial,EBM,Dark Electro
Release date: 2010
Audio codec: MP3
Format: tracks
Quality: VBR 192-224 kbps
Time: 2hour 15min 17sec


01 No way back
02 Evil bloody music
03 Shes on drugs (more than me)
04 See you in hell (feat. Johan van Roy)
05 Harshlizer
06 Industrializer
07 Before its too late
08 Lies
09 Control the universe
10 Fearless
11 Death march
12 Far away
13 Entity
14 Nothing to lose
15 Her blood into my veins

01 No way back (spilled blood remix by C-lekktor)
02 Far away (Xperiment remix)
03 Lies (Reaxion Guerrilla remix)
04 No way back (Preemptive Strike 0.1 remix)
05 Far away (I Kick Ass for the lord remix by Arsch Dolls)
06 Evil bloody music (Detroit Diesel remix)
07 Shes on drugs (Sam Horrortrip remix)
08 Far away (Terrolokaust remix)
09 Harshlizer (Ruinizer remix by Cedigest)
10 Lies (Eden Synthetic Corps remix)
11 Far away (Mordacious remix)
12 No way back (Dismantled by Menschdefekt)
13 Lies (Terrorkode remix)
14 Far away (Demonoid remix)
15 Harshlizer (Vanished Empire remix)

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