Artist: Mushroom
Title: Naked, Stoned & Stabbed
Genre: Progressive Rock,Psychedelic,Space
Release date: 2010
Audio codec: MP3
Format: tracks
Quality: V0 kbps
Time: 00:54:49

1. Infatuation (1:54)
2. Celebration At Big Sur [The Sound Of The Gulls Outside Of Room 124]
3. Jerry Rubin: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
4. All The Guitar Players Around Sean Smith Say He’s Got It Coming, But He Gets It While He Can
5. Take Off Your Face And Recover From That Trip You’ve Been On
6. The Freak Folk Drop By Dressed Up For Each Other
7. Tariq Ali
8. Though You’re Where You Want To Be, You’re Not Where You Belong
9. Indulgence
10. Under The Spell
11. Walking Barefoot In Babylon
12. I’ll Give You Everything I’ve Got For A Little Piece Of Mind
13. Singing A Song In The Morning

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