Artist: K-Rino
Title: Annihilation Of The Evil Machine
Genre: Hip-Hop
Release date: 2010
Audio codec: MP3
Format: tracks
Quality: 128 kbps
Time: 02:06:16


Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Annihilation Of The Evil Machine
03. Natural Born Artist
04. Anything That Moves
05. He Say, She Say
06. The Plan Feat.Sniper
07. God’s Voice Feat. Justice Allah, Rapper K, Big Wrath
08. Duality
09. I’ll See You
10. Change Yo Ways
11. Price On His Head Feat. Ganksta NIP, Point Blank
12. When You Hate To Love
13. Release It
14. Mention My Name
15. Flow Session Number

Disc 2
01. Wicked Land
02. The Sorcerer’s Den
03. Self Made Feat. Trae The Truth
04. The Epitome
05. Fall Down
06. Certified Feat. Z-Ro, Kaza
07. Last Letter Feat. Sniper, Rapper K, K.O.
08. Perfect Union Feat. Rain, Mayadia, Hoodizm
09. Time To Grow Up
10. Remember Feat. Mayadia
11. Under The Radar Feat. Dougie D
12. Ninety-7
13. Oblivion Scroll
14. Spit Sumthin Feat. Hoodizm, Sniper, Rapper K, Cl’ Che, Justice Allah, Murder One, Dope-E, Gerald G, Late, Ice Lord, Se7en, Point Blank, DBX, Ruff Eyque, Ganksta NIP, K-Water, Shan-No

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