Artist: Ra Cailum
Title: Leaving EP
Genre: Chillwawe
Release date: 2010
Audio codec: MP3
Format: tracks
Quality: 320 kbps
Time: 29:45 min

1 June
2 Seldom Does It Matter
3 Worthless Exchange
4 Evergreens
5 Perceptions
6 Ties
8 August

Describing the cohesive sound of Ra Cailum’s Leaving EP is tricky because there’s such an interesting mixture of styles present with each song, and listening to just “EXISTENCE” isn’t enough insight. Tracks like “Worthless Exchange” remind me of Toro’s Causers of This, while “Seldom Doesn’t Matter” is far less dance-heavy, reminiscent of Elite Gymanstic’s “Real Friends.” Then, there’s the bookends of the album, “June” and “August,” which both drift along quietly, but are still markedly different. So, even if you aren’t feeling “EXISTENCE,” please download the entire EP and see what I mean. There’s definitely something on here for you. Songs about leaving, isolation.