Artist: Rachel & The Soul Criminals
Title: Plain & Simple
Genre: Funk,Soul
Release date: 2010
Audio codec: MP3
Format: tracks
Quality: VBR ~192 kbps
Time: 36:23 min

01. Plain & Simple [03:28]
02. Speechless [03:41]
03. Do Your Worst [03:35]
04. Crying In The Rain [03:30]
05. One 4 Ray [04:50]
06. Turn The Music On [04:20]
07. Pleasure & Pain [03:42]
08. In The Park [04:33]
09. 2 Late [04:48]

Twenty-year-old singer Rachel Scharnberg, obviously anything but a sixties kid, presents herself as an artist deeply influenced by original soul and funk music from way back, by the warm and intense performances that made us admire Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway, the sound being kept alive by the likes of Daptone Records today.
“Plain & Simple” is all about pure, hand made music. No samples, no gadgets, nothing but vintage instruments, an amazing voice and analogue recording gear. In case you ever wondered what makes vinyl records and analogue techniques so special – this is a perfect demonstration of the raw, uncut sound of Soul.