Artist: Sound Of Guns
Title: What Came From Fire
Genre: Indie Rock
Release date: 2010
Audio codec: MP3
Format: tracks
Quality: VBR kbps
Time: 41:37 min

01. Intro 0:40
02. Architects 2:59
03. Alcatraz 3:40
04. Elementary Of Youth 3:15
05. Collisions 4:14
06. 106 (Still The Words) 6:23
07. Lightspeed 3:39
08. My White Noise 4:18
09. Bullets In The Bloodstream 3:37
10. Backs Of Butterflies 4:55
11. Starts With An End 3:57

There’s something vaguely Snow Patrol-esque about the general aura of
earnestness and feeling that enshrouds Sound of Guns’ debut
full-length. ‘What Came From Fire’ is an album of big, heartfelt
indie-rock ballads with stadium-pleasing choruses but, while it’s easy
to imagine their glossy, sleek anthems clogging up the mainstream radio
waves, Sound of Guns always throw a spanner in the works. Whether it’s
an under-produced crackle or an unusual riff, Sound of Guns manage to
sound accessible and instantly likeable, without being buffeted to a
sterile shine.