Artist: VA
Title: The Naked Ape
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Release date: 2010
Audio codec: MP3
Format: tracks
Quality: 320 kbps
Time: 01:19:25

01 Majestad Valkyria – Naked Intro 02:06
02 Jhunix meets Anamnesis – Subtle Body 07:22
03 Amdusias Tales – Jenkins Dusts 06:39
04 Zamurah – Unidos Por El Apocalipsis 08:43
05 Hanuman – Cosmic Alignment 08:23
06 Zamurah – Killing Your Mind 07:43
07 Erofex – Bolivian Clown Mafia 07:15
08 Hanuman – Dark Inspiration 07:32
09 Dark Fox – Approval Yonkis 07:56
10 Cipro Status vs Mentores – Katostra 08:06
11 M.Y. Project – Tribal Circle Of Sound 07:40

The Naked Ape is the fifth release from the Argentinian netlabel Hispanodelicius Records, an organization dedicated to bringing you the best of the Latin American psychedelic underground. Compiled and mastered by Dark Fox, these South American audio alchemists have prepared a journey that begins in the cold lands of Tierra del Fuego in the far south, passes through the Patagonian forests full of stories and mythologies, soars up the Andes into Chile, and reaches the high plains of Bolivia. Accelerating rhythms tuned to the frequency of trance dance unfold to reveal the primal language of mankind, shutting off our cultural operating system and inspiring a sense of liberation.