Artist: Todd Carey
Title: After the Morning After [EP]
Genre: Pop
Release date: 2010
Audio codec:M4A AAC
Format: tracks
Quality:261 kbps
Time:18:04 min

1. The First Day;
2. After the Morning After;
3. The Kind of Man I Am;
4. Where Are You Tonight;
5. Gotta Be Next to You

Todd Carey has tremendous innate musical talent – and his artistry is highly evident on his long-awaited new EP, “After the Morning After.” Having heard several of these songs live, it’s nice to listen to the full studio renditions, and they don’t disappoint. “The First Day” is even more powerful and motivating after repeat listens, and “Gotta Be Next to you” and “The Kind of Man I Am” really resonate strongly with me for personal reasons. Todd taps into “my life” quite well with his music. – GoCubs –