Artist: Jimmy Needham
Title: Nightlights [Deluxe Edition]
Genre: Christian,Gospel,Pop
Release date: 2010
Audio codec: M4A AAC
Format: tracks
Quality:261 kbps


1 Moving to Zion 5:05
2 Being Small 3:55
3 Yours to Take 3:29
4 The Reason I Sing 4:06
5 Right Where You Are 4:09
6 Steal Away 4:13
7 Part the Clouds 3:48
8 Grace Amazing 4:13
9 How Sweet It Is 3:41
10 Miss a Thing 3:12
11 Just a Heartbeat 3:05
12 Light of Day 4:22
13 Nightlights 1:48

14 Forgiven and Loved (Acoustic Version) 3:50
15 Miss a Thing (Acoustic Version) 3:15
16 I Am Yours 3:38
17 If It Wasn’t for You 3:21
18 Home from War 3:36
19 The Reason I Sing (Acoustic Version) 3:45

Fans of soulful, pop melodies will love the sound of Nightlights from Jimmy Needham. His signature eclectic sound, mixing pop, rock and blues shines bright in each track on this, his third studio release through Inpop Records. Standing among only a handful of Christian artists to see increased sales from album one to album two, Jimmy’s recognition among consumers is stronger than ever. Coming off his Top 10 AC single “Forgiven and Loved,” Needham releases this record behind the lead single “Yours to Take.” This powerful radio-ready hit will remind listeners of the freedom that God’s grace provides. Jimmy will be found on the road in early 2010 headlining the Nightlights World Tour and plans a very busy summer and fall touring season. – Amazon